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Respond to your client with an individual video message!

What is Celymo video message?

Celymo video message is the future and the worlds first personalized direct marketing. The innovative idea of individual video messages makes it possible to you, to approach your clients effective and specifically.

Getting in touch this directly and matched to the customer in form of a personalized video opens you a complete new way up, a state of the art of medial possibility's of the individual marketing. Celymo video messages helps you to use the creative and modern digital medium and placing your marketing message individually. It gives you the possibility to respond and create an intense relationship with the customer.

Celymos innovative technologies of video messages can be personalized by first- and surname, the address or other elements which matches with the preferences of your customer. In times in which importance of personalized content have gained, a video may make your message so special so it stands out from the crowd and ensures even greater attention to your customers.